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Manufacturing 3d printing

Companies across aerospace, automotive, defense, consumer goods, medical, and more are adopting digital manufacturing tools to take steps towards the promise of Industry 4.0. 3D printing is a catalyst for efficiency, giving staff from production engineer to machinist the tools to tighten supply chains, improve production, and get to market faster—saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and weeks to months of time along the way.

Advancements in 3D printing have unlocked a broad spectrum of production applications. Powerful desktop 3D printers and resilient materials open opportunities for producing high precision, functional 3D prints that can stand in for final parts, and stand up to the rigors of the factory floor.

By outsourcing to traditional machining service providers, we would have had to wait six more weeks before we could start production. With 3D printing, you can simply take the same design, send it to the printer, and then have the finished part ready by the next morning.

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