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Advent 3D – an exclusive Formlabs 3D printer reseller

Welcome to Advent 3D, the UK’s only Formlabs dedicated reseller. Our extensive knowledge of the 3D printing process means there is no one better placed to help you speed up production and reduce your costs. With an industry-leading professional team and a level of personal service that goes above and beyond our competitors, we are your perfect 3D printing partners.

Why Formlabs?

Formlabs was established in 2011 and within one year had achieved an impressive level of financial backing, catching the attention of big names in Sony, Lotus Software and Innovation Endeavours. Ten years on and, by virtue of their innovative approach, Formlabs has offices throughout the World, building the desktop machine everyone needed, at a price they could afford.

The company has gone on to grow its family of 3D printers, now offering SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology alongside the original SLA printers – and the enhanced process, Low Force Stereolithography. Advent 3D recognises the enormous contribution Formlabs Form range has made to the Additive Manufacturing industry, each new printer offering enhanced speed, ease-of-use or increased build platform or build volume.  The ever-improving post-processing of printed parts, made possible by the Form Wash and Form Cure systems, has helped contribute to converting more users to the Formlabs range of 3D printers.

A Dedicated Formlabs Reseller

We are the UK’s only dedicated Formlabs reseller. We work with you to provide tailored support and advice on the print process that aligns with your business strategy and to enhance your manufacturing performance. Our personal service and attention to detail mean you will always get the help you need, when you need it.

Our customers come from sectors as diverse as universities, research and development centres, automotive production, aerospace, medical tooling manufacture and jewellery design. The industries we work with expect continual developments: better, faster products at ever lower price points. By keeping up with these advances we are able to tailor our solutions to vastly different business sectors and expand the range of industries that benefit from 3D printing.

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Need help or advice? Get all the information you need about our products and services, call our specialists today on +44 1295 672600.

Still not sure? How about a free sample?

If you’re considering 3D printing, you can try it out for free. Get a free sample part to see how great the print quality is and get a sense of how much money and time it will save you. We operate one of the largest 3D printing bureaus in the UK, so if you are thinking of buying a 3D printer, contact us to try before you buy.

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