24 Hour 3D Printing – Simple.

24 Hour 3D Printing – Simple.

24-hour printing used to rely on an operator being present, but not now. Formlabs has just introduced three new products – Form Auto, Fleet Control, and High-Volume Resin System — which together are known as the Formlabs Automation Ecosystem.

Offering high output 3D printing on a production scale, the Automation Ecosystem  will reduce costs per part, and significantly improve the task of running multiple SLA printers.

  • Form Auto, designed for use with the Form 3/B/+ printers, automatically removes finished parts from Build Platform 2 and starts the next print without the need for operator interaction. It can be purchased separately, or as part of a new printer package for current and new customers.
  • Fleet Control is a suite of newly available, advanced features in PreForm and Dashboard that facilitate easier management of multiple 3D printers with centralized queue management and automatic printer assignment.

Unique to the Automation Ecosystem is the High-Volume Resin System 5L Resin Bag and Resin Pump that expands the standard resin capacity of a Formlabs SLA printer, reduces waste, and minimizes cartridge handling tasks.

For many printers or for singular units, these products can be used together as the Automation Ecosystem or as separate products for your own specialized workflow.

The Form 3/B/+ printers have enabled small businesses to build themselves up, large businesses to become more efficient and innovative, educators to engage their students, inventors to bring ideas to life, and so much more.

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