Form 3B+ Medical Automation Package

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The Automation Package includes the popular Form 3B+ 3D Printer which, together with the Automation Ecosystem, enables you to run a 24/7 production unit.  Minimize cost per part with labour savings of up to 80%. The Formlabs Automation Ecosystem lets you significantly reduce the amount of labour needed to create each part. By printing, removing parts, and starting the next print autonomously, production doesn’t have to stop when you leave work. With Form Auto, batch post-process a bin full of parts at once in minutes.

The package includes PreForm Software, Resin Tank, Building Platform, Finish Kit and 12 months Warranty.

Compatible with the Formlabs Form Wash which automates the print washing process for consistent, thorough, no-mess cleaning and the Form Cure.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The printer can only be purchased with a Support Package which will add the following cost (depending on the Package you select):

  • £850 for 1-Year
  • £1540 for 2-Years
  • £2140 for 3-Years

A stand-alone 12-month renewal option is available, please contact the office for pricing.

Please read the Description below for an explanation of the Support Package cover.

We recommend you contact us on 01295 672600 for current delivery lead-time.

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This Formlabs 3D Printer can only be supplied with a Printer Support Package as standard which must be chosen along with the purchase of your 3D printer.

Cover includes:

  • Priority service direct from one of our Form 3B+ Service Engineers
  • Support from our dedicated service team will provide detailed instructions and in many cases issues can be fixed by the customer on-site. If this is not possible then we will ‘Hot Swap’ your Form 3B+ 3D Printer.
  • Hot swap of machine:

Should your Form 3B+ be unrepairable, a replacement printer will be shipped within 7 working days in exchange for your system

  • In-house back-up 3D printing service:

Support builds for urgent parts on one of our in-house systems whilst waiting for your 3D Printer to be replaced.  Subject to workload, system and material availability.

Please note:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The printer can only be purchased with a Support Package which will add the following cost (depending on the Package you select).

Printer Support Package Options Available:

1 Year Option – 12 months SKU 2FOR715 priced at £850
2 Year Option – 24 months SKU 2FOR716 priced at £1540
3 Year Option – 36 months SKU 2FOR717 priced at £2140

Stand-alone Renewal Option:

A 12-month renewal of the Support Package is available – please contact the office for pricing: 01295 672600.