Form 3B+ Starter Package

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£3,059.00£4,959.00 ex. VAT

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The printer price for the Starter Package is shown above.  However the printer can only be purchased with a Support Package which will add the following cost (depending on the Package you select):

  • £400 for 1-Year
  • £1200 for 2-Years
  • £1900 for 3-Years


Included in the Starter Package:

  • Form 3B 3D Printer
  • PreForm Software
  • 1 x Model Resin Cartridge
  • Resin Tank
  • Build Platform
  • Finish Kit
  • 12 Months Warranty


Please read the Description below for an explanation of the Support Package cover.

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The Form 3B is set to transform the way you work with biocompatible materials.


All Formlabs 3D Printers are now supplied with  a Printer Support Package as standard which must be chosen along with the purchase of your 3D printer.

Cover includes:

  • Priority service direct from one of our Form 3B+ Service Engineers
  • Support from our dedicated service team will provide detailed instructions and in many cases issues can be fixed by the customer on-site. If this is not possible then we will ‘Hot Swap’ your Form 3B+ 3D Printer.
  • Hot swap of machine:

Should your Form 3B+ be unrepairable, a replacement printer will be shipped within 7 working days in exchange for your system

  • In-house back-up 3D printing service:

Support builds for urgent parts on one of our in-house systems whilst waiting for your 3D Printer to be replaced.  Subject to workload, system and material availability.

Please note:

The Form 3B+ Printer Support Package Option can only be purchased at the same time as the Form 3B+ 3D Printer order and will start on the same date as the 12 months warranty period.

Package Options Available:

1 Year Option – 12 months SKU 2FOR708 priced at £400.00

2 Year Option – 24 months SKU 2FOR709 priced at £1200.00

3 Year Option – 36 months SKU 2FOR710 priced at £1900.00