Form 3L Complete Package

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Same as the Starter Package but includes the Form Wash L and Form Cure L, making the post-processing so much easier. Form Wash L offers an automated process which removes residual resin from your newly printed parts, leaving a smooth and clean surface every time. Larger than the Form Wash, the Form Wash L will take either one Form 3L build platform or two Form 3 platforms along with the platform adapter.  Achieve peak dimensional accuracy and maximum mechanical properties by post-curing your SLA 3D printed parts. The Form Cure can be used with all your Formlabs SLA 3D printers.

Included in the Complete Package: Form 3L 3D Printer, Resin Tank, Build Platform, Finish Kit (includes Cleaning Tools and Rinse Bucket), PreForm Software, Form Wash L, Form Cure L, 12 months’ warranty.

Support Packages can only be purchased at the same time as the printer.

£1200 for 1-Year  |  £2190 for 2-Years  |  £3100 for 3-Years (please read the description below for an explanation of the cover).

Extended Warranty for the Form Wash L and Form Cure L is available as an option:
£898 for 1-Year  |  £1798 for 2-Years

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A Support Package is available for the printer alone, or the Form Cure and Form Wash alone – or combined.  However, this must be chosen at the time of purchasing the 3D printer. 

Cover includes:

  • Priority service direct from one of our Form 3L Service Engineers
  • Support from our dedicated service team will provide detailed instructions and in many cases issues can be fixed by the customer on-site. If this is not possible then we will ‘Hot Swap’ your Form 3L 3D Printer.
  • Hot swap of machine. Should your Form 3L be unrepairable, a replacement printer will be shipped within 7 working days in exchange for your system
  • In-house back-up 3D printing service.  Support builds for urgent parts on one of our in-house systems whilst waiting for your 3D Printer to be replaced.  Subject to workload, system and material availability.

Please note:
The Form 3L Printer Support Package Option can only be purchased at the same time as the Form 3L 3D Printer order and will start on the same date as the 12 months warranty period.

Support Level Options Available:
1 Year Option – 12 months SKU 2FOR601 priced at £1200.00
2 Year Option – 24 months SKU 2FOR602 priced at £2190.00
3 Year Option – 36 months SKU 2FOR603 priced at £3100.00

A stand-alone 12-month renewal option is available for the printer, please contact the office for pricing.


  • IPA not included with Complete Package – we can recommend where to purchase from.
  • Resin not included – to be purchased separately