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BioMed Flex 80A Resin

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Formlabs has introduced the firmest flexible material in their biocompatible family of BioMed resins, the BioMed Flex 80A. Directly print patient-specific medical devices requiring flexibility or firm tissue models surgeons can reference in the operating room.  BioMed Flex 80A Resin is a firm, flexible, medical-grade material for applications requiring durability, biocompatibility, and transparency. This ISO 10993 and USP Class VI certified material is made in an FDA-registered, ISO 13485 facility and can be used in applications for long-term skin (>30 days), and short-term mucosal membrane contact (<24 hours).

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What’s Included

  • BioMed Flex 80A Resin 1L


  • Printer compatibility: Form 3B,Form 3B+,Form 3BL
  • Is certified biocompatible.
  • Note: Print settings for this material may not be available yet on Form 3L and Form 3BL printers. Please contact us for more information.