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Draft Resin V2 Cartridge

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Parts printed with Draft V2 Resin exhibit a smooth grey finish and high accuracy. Use 200 micron settings for fast print speeds, or use 100 micron settings for models with finer details. From fast print initiation speeds to minimal support removal, wash, and cure times, Draft V2 Resin has an optimized workflow to truly maximize efficiency.

Draft V2 Resin is a reformulation of a previous version, the Draft Resin. This current version offers improved surface finish, a more professional appearance, and is easier to use.

See below for Resin Tank requirements.

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Each cartridge contains 1 Litre of resin and supports print resolutions of 200 and 100 microns.


  • Resin Tank LT for Form 2
  • Resin Tank V2 for the Form 3 models*

*Form 3L can run the Draft V2 Resin using the tank supplied with the printer.

Resins will be shipped with a minimum recommended shelf life of 3 months.